36 x 14 x 20 $6000
Owner: Joe Vitale Ordered May 20, 2007      Completed September 13, 2007

Cocobolo Rosewood






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A few months ago I wrote about an old world craftsman by the name of Arlin Liss who hand makes unique cigar humidors. I was so taken by his work that I hired him. The above picture is of the cigar humidor he just completed for me. 

Iíve called Arlin Liss the Michelangelo of cigar humidor makers.

I saw Michelangeloís Pietaí ó considered the greatest sculpture in history ó in Saint Peterís Basilica in the Vatican in Rome, Italy. 

Itís breathtaking.

Iíve also seen Michelangeloís David in Florence, Italy.

Itís astonishing.

But I think Arlin Liss is just as good.

Okay, maybe Iím waxing poetic here, but you get the idea.

Arlin is a master craftsman, an artist with wood, who loves what he does and infuses his work with that love.

Consider: Are you doing what you love, with passion and skill, so others see an artist at work?

If not, why not?

Ao Akua,


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