24 x 24 x 57

$9,000.00* original cost

Contact: Tannwttz@aol.com

Owner: Sandy Adelson Capacity: 40 - 60 boxes
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"Cigars smokers like me have reaped the rewards from reading ASC for years. From Saka's MOTT to Mullaney's segundo reports, there's always something interesting at ASC. More than a year ago, I read a post about a very talented humidor maker, namely Arlin Liss. When the small string on the ASC bulletin boards metamorphosed into a rope made from the twines of elated clients, I had to investigate, because I simply needed more space, an inexorably expanded flourishing and congenial residency for more reposing cigars. After scrutinizing Arlin's site replete with fine looking humidors and even finer prices, I decided to call him. It's unusual to find someone who's sincere and personable simultaneously, but that's Arlin. He's an anachronism, a throw-back to "the good old days" when "customers were always right." So we decided that he was going to build for me a very large desk-top humidor, and it was going to be a different more streamlined version of his usual fine design. And then I sent him an initial deposit, took a number, and got in line. Subsequently, I realized I was going about this the wrong way. I started thinking about all the tumult, all the "housekeeping" it would take to keep a 500 to 600 Churchill size desk-top in order. All those damned dividers to be divided, the Lucys bumping bellies with my Soberanos, and Senadores, possible Dominican beetles invading Havana, and the inevitable freezer shock. I took a deep breath and stepped back. My scope had been myopic, and I meant to do something about it before it was too late. I awoke the next morning with a vision of an improbable, dripping with art deco, bird's eye maple, monolithic humidor cabinet towering under my thermostat, 5 feet off the carpet (I'm only 5'8"). A cabinet not requiring domesticated services. I would simply leave the cigars in their designated boxes and stuff the whole damned box into the cabinet! This was the answer, but what would Arlin have to say about this? "Hey Sandy, I'm all excited now, let's do it" sez Arlin. And so I faxed a plan to Arlin. It was almost an inordinate task for Arlin. He had to produce his own plywood using book-matched resawn bird's eye maple and inlay cherry into his hand made panels and at the same time make sure everything flowed together, not to disturb the elegant continuity of the entire piece. Everything had to be planned and replanned (by Arlin). There were 2" radii in rock-hard maple to contend with, the bottom radii had to flow and intersect into hard right angles, and simultaneously present themselves with elegance. Scrotums were placed on tables when construction neared completion. He had to route the beads into and around the entire package effecting it into it's inimitable art deco visage, as art begets humanity. As I understand it, it's really two humidors, one inside the other. It had to be insulated before it could be lined with Spanish cedar, and then the electronics and electric cooler, and humidifier could be incorporated. It all came together like a magnificent magical treasure, a coupe de mai'tre, from maple trees, and cherry trees, to the extraordinary hands of an anachronism, and fine gentle mensche named Arlin Liss, who I don't know how to thank enough." -Sandy


* Posted price was at date of delivery in 1998