I trust all is well! I'm definitely pleased with your humidor ........ You will recall that I purchased Lamar's cabinet. I came down and spent a few good hours with you as you rewired the cabinet. It has performed flawlessly since.
As to the comparison. Your cabinet is smaller and mainly intended for singles and a few boxes. The MXT Plus is much larger. Bob put a thin piece of wood on the backside, I assume to keep the weight of the cabinet down. It gives it a cheaper feel, so I would have to give the construction quality check to you given my limited sample. I see that Bob has in the last few years moved over to the same electronics you have used for some time.
I'm thrilled you are still making cabinets. Hopefully this poor economy will be behind us soon and folks come back to this great hobby and great humidors such as yours.



July 10.2011